Choker “Mr. Spikering”

A wide choker with spikes and a ring.
Choker fastening - a classic buckle
A wide choker with spikes and a ring.
Choker fastening - a classic buckle
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A wide, double-layer choker necklace, made from two differently wide stripes of PVC. The base is 4cm wide and is topped with a thinner 2cm stripe, which is connected in the front via a metal ring and decorated with small spikes. The layering gives this accessory a massive and robust look. All metal components on this choker are in silver, including the classic buckle for its fastening.

Neck circumference


The choker “Mr. Spikering” is a thick and distinct neck decoration, which will immediately catch everyone’s eye on first sight. It’s crafted from two stripes of PVC in different widths, making it quite massive and robust looking. The base is 4 cm wide and adorned by a second, thinner stripe in a 2cm width. The whole length of the choker is decorated with small spikes and a metal ring in the front. At the back, it is fastened by a classic metal buckle in silver, matching the rest of the featured metal elements of this accessory.

We handcraft all of our chokers from soft PVC in the Czech republic and offer more than one extravagant design with spikes. Try the choker ”Mr. Punk” if you’re looking for something extreme and punk, or the choker “Mr. Officer” if you’ve made up your mind about your local police force.

Product Details

Latex, PVC, kov (měď, zinek, nikl, mosaz)
PVC thickness
2 mm
Choker width
3 cm
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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