Choker “Mr. Eyeroll”

A neck choker decorated with huge pendant rings.
Choker fastening - a classic buckle
A neck choker decorated with huge pendant rings.
Choker fastening - a classic buckle
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A neck choker with big rings, one bigger and one smaller ring in a 10cm and 5cm diameter, both hanging from a small metal loop in the front. The choker is handmade in our workshop from a 3cm wide stripe of soft PVC and features a quality saddlery buckle at the back for comfortable fastening. The colour of the decorative rings is silver, same as the rest of the metal components of this accessory.

Neck circumference


Do you ever feel like rolling your eyes at a comment or dumb remark? Leave it to us, the choker “Mr. Eyeroll” from our workshop will do that for you.

This extravagant choker necklace is decorated in the front with two big metal rings - one larger with a 10cm diameter and a smaller one, whose diameter is 5 cm. Both are in silver colour and attached to the base by a small metal loop. The choker is made from a stripe of quality soft PVC in a 3cm width and is fastened at the back by a classic buckle.

Decorate yourself with it for a party or concert and definitely don’t be afraid to wear it together with latex clothing as well. You can also create very visually interesting outfits by combining the choker with PVC fashion harnesses. If you belong among those, who love extreme accessories, then surely our massive choker “Mr. Badass” will catch your eye.

Product Details

Latex, PVC, kov (měď, zinek, nikl, mosaz)
PVC thickness
2 mm
Choker width
3 cm
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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