Choker “Mr. Renaissance”

Choker fastening - a classic buckle
A choker necklace with big ruffles resembling a Renaissance ruff.
Choker fastening - a classic buckle
A choker necklace with big ruffles resembling a Renaissance ruff.
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The choker “Mr. Renaissance” is made from soft but durable PVC in a 2cm width. It’s decorated with big ruffles alongside its entire length and is fastened at the back by a classic metal buckle. The accessory is inspired by a ruff - a heavy ruffled Renaissance collar, which was part of the clothing of the noble in the 17th century. Even though nowadays a ruff is pretty rare, it is still a very distinct, over the top accessory even, which will find its place in anyone’s closet.

Neck circumference


Wearing a ruff was forbidden during the reign of Philip IV of Spain. The ruff was a symbol of richness and superiority and its ban was a clear message that the days of the nobles are over. A ruff is what inspired this choker and since Philip IV of Spain’s days on the throne are long gone, there’s no need to worry about another ban. The choker “Mr. Renaissance” is a bold and unusual neck accessory which literally defines extravagance.

The choker is made from quality PVC, which resembles a Renaissance collar with its shape, it’s 2cm wide and fastened at the back with a buckle. The big rounded ruffles alongside the entire circumference are attached to the base with rivets and to each other as well, ensuring the collar keeps its shape, so unlike a real ruff, you will never have to starch it. Read more about PVC and how to take proper care of it.

We have more than one product inspired by this Renaissance accessory. Smaller ruffles decorated with rivets, an extravagant, yet still relatively subtle choker “Mr. Huguenot”, or one with clean folding without decorations, but instead featuring a pendant ring in the front - the choker “Mr. Greco”. Everyone will choose theirs.

Product Details

Latex, PVC, kov (měď, zinek, nikl, mosaz)
PVC thickness
2 mm
Choker width
2 cm
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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