Fashion harness “Soldier”

Fashion harness “Soldier”
Fashion harness “Soldier”
Fashion harness “Soldier”
Fashion harness “Soldier”
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The fashion harness “Soldier” is made from four stripes of soft PVC in a 2 cm width, which are joined in the front and back with a distinct metal ring. The harness is also decorated with a set of buckles, which are in silver colour, same as all the other metal components. This crossed harness is loose and therefore a universal accessory to any outfit.



The fashion harness “Soldier” is one of the simplest and therefore most versatile fashion harnesses from our workshop. Thanks to its universal size and design, it can add spice to any outfit, regardless of whether it’s worn by a man or woman and what they decide to wear underneath. The harness slightly resembles military uniforms from early modern history, which is where its name comes from. However don’t let this association limit you in any way and don’t worry about combining it with whatever you like. The harness will elevate your outfit no matter what you wear.

The harness is made from soft PVC in a 2 cm width and is pleasant to the touch. There are four stripes of PVC in the front and back, decorated with 4 cm big metal rings, which keep the whole harness connected. Some more decoration is added both in the front and the back with the set of silver-coloured buckles. The harness is handcrafted in the Czech Republic and all its edges are carefully smoothes, so that they won’t press against the skin or accidentally damage other clothing.

Should you prefer harnesses, which hug the body more tightly, take a look at the fashion harness “Femmeframe” from our offer as well.

Product Details

Latex, PVC, kov (měď, zinek, nikl, mosaz)
PVC thickness
2 mm
Stripe width
2 cm
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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