Fashion harness “Utility”

Fashion harness “Utility”
Fashion harness “Utility”
Fashion harness “Utility”
Fashion harness “Utility”
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A distinct fashion harness from PVC with lots of buckles, rings and other decorative elements. The harness resembles a belt with suspenders and thanks to the thorough cleaning of the edges, it’s suitable even for daily wearing. It has a mirrored fastening and many more adjustable parts for the perfect fit. We handcraft the harness in the Czech Republic from PVC stripes in a 2 and 4 cm width and thanks to the wide selection of colours, it can be combined easily with regular as well as latex clothing.



The rule that suspenders are a part of clothing, which should be hidden, is long outdated, so why not use their potential for creating an original accessory, which will definitely be visible?

The fashion harness “Utility” combines the traditional and, for the most part, practical design of an item from our closets with a modern material. It gives originality to any regular as well as latex clothing, which you decide to wear underneath. You can also wear it over clothes from finer materials. Thanks to the carefully cleaned edges, there’s no risk of damage.

The fashion harness is an excellent, extravagant and modern fashion accessory, which, besides looking amazing, is also an effective way to tighten and highlight the curves of your body. As the picture shows, it looks great even over a regular t-shirt, and thanks to the quality of the material and processing, we can guarantee that you can wear it comfortably even throughout the whole day.

The fashion harness “Utility” is thanks to the wide selection of colours easily combinable with other accessories from our offer. Try for example the bolder choker “Mr. Eyeroll”.

Product Details

Latex, PVC, kov (měď, zinek, nikl, mosaz)
PVC thickness
2 mm
Stripe width
2 cm
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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