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If you wish to enjoy your latex clothing and accessories for as long as possible, it is important to give them the correct care. You can find the correct and current latex care steps on this page and you will also receive a printed version from us with each order.

Before you put on your latex clothing for the first time, please read the instructions carefully and if you have any additional questions, write to us via the online chat or the contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

Always keep in mind:

  • Latex must never come into contact with organic grease and products from softened silicone (soft plastic dildos and toys, non-silicone oils).
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and the contact of latex with metal objects, as those could possibly cause irreversible stains. (this applies mainly to colourful latex).
  • Don’t dry latex in a source of warmth, in the sun or drought.
  • Beware of edges, torn nails, jewellery - latex is delicate and can tear easily.
  • Put on latex after washing yourself.
  • Avoid cheap substitutes and use only branded latex care products.

Your parcel has arrived.

We deliver latex products treated with antistatic powder and the clothing is ready to be tried on. DO NOT polish the latex yet. If needed, apply more powder and test if everything fits you correctly. If you have any doubts, message us. We will be happy to help or exchange the item for a different size. However, polished latex clothing can no longer be returned or exchanged.

The white-grey traces of powder will completely disappear from your clothing within a few cycles of washing and polishing, usually already after the first one.

Washing and polishing

Wash the latex clothing gently by hand in a lukewarm water bath with the product beGLOSS Special Wash (15 ml for 5 litres of water). By doing so, you will get rid of all the powder, remains of polish and dirt. Rinse the product thoroughly with clean water, ideally in the shower and drain the water bath.

Immerse the latex in a new, clean and lukewarm water bath with a small amount of the product beGLOSS Perfect Shine (15 ml for 5 litres of water) and gently wash it again. Afterwards, let it dry and watch as the water evaporates only to leave behind a perfect shine. If you’re planning on storing the latex for a longer time, we recommend letting it dry after washing in the first water bath and applying just powder for latex which can be poured onto the latex freely and spread out by hand. Don’t iron latex.

Storage and deposit

Washed polished or powdered latex can be stored. We really recommend plastic hangers and plastic or textile bags for clothing. Always store latex in a dark and dry place. Accessories and underwear can be stored in boxes. Never overfill those, leave space for the latex, so that it doesn’t create visible folds during longer storage periods.

Always store the latex dry. There’s a risk of mold formation, which could destroy your latex clothing if stored wet.

Easy dressing

Put latex clothing on clean, dry skin - always shower thoroughly before getting dressed. Metal necklaces, watches, jewellery, but also a belt buckle or a button on jeans leave invisible metal particles on your skin, which would otherwise create irremovable stains.

You can easily put on your latex clothing with the help of the fine oil beGLOSS Easy Glide, or use powder for latex. Both methods prevent the latex from sticking together and make dressing easier. It’s up to your preference, which method you go for.

Wearing and undressing

While wearing you can always reapply polish for latex. You will achieve the best results if you use a special microfibre cloth. DO NOT scrub the latex with the cloth, gently spread the polish and be patient, so that it doesn’t come to the disruption of the surface’s smooth structure. When polishing latex clothing with detailed motifs, please be even more careful.

Latex is a fine material and caution is needed while wearing it as well as when undressing. Beware of sharp objects and edges, what you lean against and even where you sit down. At the end of the night, you can get directly in the shower in your latex clothing, where you can comfortably take it off. Always wash worn latex IMMEDIATELY.

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