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beGLOSS Perfect Shine UV & Storage protection is a high-quality gloss with UV protection for latex clothing and accessories. This agent provides protection of latex outfits worn in the daylight and the sun, and slows down the process of the colour-fading and darkening. A small price to pay for the provided protection is a slightly more matte appearance of the latex compared to when using a classic polishing agent. However combining different types of polishes radically lowers the effect of UV light protection, therefore we recommend using the beGLOSS Perfect Shine UV & Storage protection only on clean, washed and dry latex.



This luxurious product will help add your latex outfits and accessories the typical, attractive gloss and on top of that will protect from ultraviolet rays, which could otherwise cause the fading or darkening of the latex colours.

The beGLOSS product series is specifically developed for latex clothing, therefore you can be assured of its 100% friendliness towards this material and truly breathtaking results.

How to use the beGLOSS Perfect Shine UV & Storage protection?

The polish is applied on washed, clean and dry latex. For this reason, we recommend applying it before getting dressed to prevent uncomfortable sticking together of the latex and to minimise the risk of tearing. This polishing agent provides a more matte shine compared to regular polishes. To achieve the maximum, we recommend using the beGLOSS Wipe - polishing cloth for latex. The combination with a classic polish rapidly lowers its UV protection effect - do not combine polishes.

For interior wear of latex clothing, we recommend the traditional polishing agent beGLOSS Perfect Shine, which we treat all of the pictured products in our online store with.

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Isotridekanol, bronopol, 2-octyl-2h-isothiazol-3-one
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