beGLOSS Powder – fine powder for latex

beGLOSS Powder – fine powder for latex
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The beGLOSS Powder is a super fine, snow-white powder for the treatment of your latex outfits. The powder serves as an aid with getting dressed as well as a protective agent for the storage of latex clothing, where it prevents its perishing and prolongs the preservation of its properties. The beGLOSS Powder is a powder of high quality with a certificate for its use in health services.



A powder is, next to the polishing agent, the main component, when it comes to the right care of latex clothing. It’s a welcome aid for getting dressed by making it a lot easier and an invaluable advantage is also the anti static effect, which prevents your latex from catching dust and other dirt, when stored for a longer time.

How do you use the beGLOSS Powder?

Always apply the powder on dry latex, washed in the beGLOSS Special Wash detergent. Put your latex outfit in a plastic bag and add 1 - 2 teaspoons of the beGLOSS Powder. Close the bag and shake it for a while. You can turn your latex clothing inside out and repeat the process as many times as necessary to make sure the powder spreads evenly across the entire surface of the outfit. For clothes with metal components such as zippers, buckles and so on, we recommend applying the powder by hand and spreading it out with your palm in order to prevent scraping or tearing of the latex.

The beGLOSS Perfect Shine polish can be applied on powdered latex as well. However the results are never as astonishing as with using the polish in a water bath. Therefore we recommend the powder only for longer storage of latex clothing.

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100% pharmaceutical talcum without additive
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