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Black fingerless latex gloves.
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Fingerless latex gloves are an ideal latex accessory to almost any latex outfit. With the right colour choice you can use them to accessorise latex dresses, latex bodysuits and much more. The gloves are anatomically formed and have an opening for the thumb. They begin at the palms and go up to slightly over the wrist. All edges on these gloves are hemmed with a thin stripe of latex. We craft them from 0.33 mm latex in CZ.



Fingerless latex gloves are a very practical alternative to molded latex gloves. Fingerless gloves are, thanks to their opening, very comfortable and even holding a glass at a party will become an easy task, which unfortunately can’t be said about the regular version with fingertips. Thanks to the wide selection of colours they can be easily combined and you can easily accessorise other latex clothing from our offer with them.

Fingerless latex gloves are made from fine, quality latex in a 0.33 mm thickness. The go from the palms up to just above the wrist and are anatomically formed for a perfect fit. They have an opening for the thumb. All edges on these latex gloves are strengthened and simultaneously decorated by a thin stripe of latex, which helps to prolong their lifespan and increases their resistance.

These fingerless gloves are an alternative to short latex gloves, which are molded, have fingertips and no seams. Fingerless gloves can be very easily combined. If you choose them in the right colour, you can easily make them into an accessory for example for the latex bodysuit.

Product Details

Latex thickness
0.33 mm (with a 15% tolerance)
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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