Long fingerless latex gloves

Long fingerless latex gloves in black colour.
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Long fingerless latex gloves are gloves, which start at the palm and end way above the elbow. They have an anatomical cut to ensure a perfect fit and have reinforced edges. They of course feature an opening for the thumb. Fingerless gloves are very practical and comfortable even throughout the whole evening. We craft them from fine 0.33mm latex in CZ.



Long fingerless latex gloves are a piece of latex clothing, which can be easily combined. The wide selection of colours lets you create a whole array of latex outfits from various products from our online store. They are very practical even for long parties, where you, thanks to their design, don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping a glass, which can be the case with regular long latex gloves.

These gloves are made from fine, quality latex. They reach all the way to the middle of your palm, feature an opening for the thumb and have reinforced edges by a stripe of latex. Those increase their durability and help prevent tearing, simultaneously also give the latex gloves a luxurious and clean appearance. They are in a perfect anatomical cut, which will nicely hug you along their entire length.

You can wear long fingerless latex gloves with any other latex clothing. Latex dresses are simply asking for a combination like this. However you can just as well spice up any latex underwear or a whole set with them for a pleasant evening with someone close to you.

Product Details

Latex thickness
0.33 mm (with a 15% tolerance)
Hugo Mode
in the Czech Republic

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